Tag a Research Survey

What You Need to Include in Your Survey:

In order to submit your research survey file to the geoTribes Segment Tagger website, you need to ask four simple questions. These are...

  • 1. What is your age?
    This needs to be in 5-year age ranges, as follows: 18-24, 25-29 ... 70-74, 75+

  • 2. What type of dwelling do you live in?
    This varies by country in line with local practice, but ultimately provides a classification into House vs Unit?
    As part of the survey, we are testing how responses vary by type of area, so we need to get some general information on where you live. This will only be used to understand statistical trends, not to work out anything about you personally.

  • 3. What is the respondents broad postal area?
    This varies by country AUS/NZL = Postcode, CAN = Forward Sortation Area (FSA), GBR = Postal District/Outward Postcode and USA = Zip Code

  • 4. What is the name of the suburb, town or neighbourhood you live in?
    This is the locality in which people live as they would normally describe it.

How to Prepare Survey Data for Upload to the Website:

Once you have collected responses to the four simple questions on your survey, you will need to code them in line with the website’s requirements and then prepare the survey data file for upload to the website.

Details of how to do this are contained in the specific fielding and coding guidelines for the particular country that you are surveying in.

Downloadable Fielding & Coding Guides for:
Australia & New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

The input file for the website needs to be in TAB delimited text file (TXT) format with the following fields. You must use the exact headers and layout – this can be readily prepared in Excel and saved as a TAB delimited file, and should take the following format…

Variable Coding for the geoTribes Segment Tagger
RECORDID This is a case or sequence number so the geoTribes Segments and other variables can be merged back onto your survey file
ISO This is the standard ISO code for each country; AUS. NZL, GBR, CAN & USA
POSTCODE This should be as collected and varies by country; AUS & NZL = Postcode. GBR = Postal District/Outward Postcode, CAN = FSA, USA = Zip Code
PLACENAME As collected, the locality in which people live as they would normally describe it
16-17  =  0
18-24  =  1
25-29  =  2
30-34  =  3
35-39  =  4
40-44  =  5
45-49  =  6
50-54  =  7
55-59  =  8
60-64  =  9
65-69  =  10
70-74  =  11
75+      =  12
ADDRESSTYPE Detached House = 0, Unit = 1
* See the Fielding and Coding Guide for country for details.

What the Website Will Return to You:

The website will return a tab delimited file to you with the following fields...

These are the fields that you have uploaded
Column Name Description
geoTribes Segments (1-15)
Lifecycle Stages (A-H)
Socioeconomic Status Decile (1-10)
Socioeconomic Status Percentile (1-100)
Type of Match Achieved for Each Record

Build a Target Area List

Once you build a Target Area List on the website, you will be able to download a file with the following fields...

Column Name Description
POSTCODE Varies by Country (AUS/NZL = Postcode, GBR = Postal District/Outward, CAN = FSA and USA = Zip Code)
STATE Varies by Country (AUS = State/Territory, NZL = Island, GBR = GOR Region, CAN = Province and USA = State/Territory)
PER18_BASE Count of persons 18+ in the POSTCODE
RANK Rank value based on the concentration of the Target geoTribes Segments, where 1 indicates the highest target segment concentration
DECILE Decile number comprising 10 groups of POSTCODES in the chosen region with equal counts of persons 18+, where 1 indicates the decile with the highest target segment concentration.
AVERAGE_PENETRATION The average Target Segment penetration for each decile

geoTribes Market Bases

The geoTribes scheme has a similar composition in each of the five countries, however there are subtle differences. For reference, here are the market sizes for persons 18+ by country...

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